Hours of Operation

Private Hours

Monday      Working 5am -11pm without interruptions; by appointment only

Tuesday      Working 5am to 11pm without interruptions; by appointment only

[We’re still working though; we come in early and we stay extra late because we need the uninterrupted blocks of time to work hands-on with repairs and custom pieces, and to mentor the next generation of jewelers!]

Public Hours

Wednesday 8 AM – 5 PM

Thursday    8 AM – 5 PM

Friday         8 AM – 5 PM

Saturday     8 AM – Noon

Sunday        Closed for Family Time


Closed for Family Time

Sundays and a few other times throughout the year for some fun.

We encourage walk-ins for all jewelry repair drop-offs, but appointments for jewelry design consultations!  We’re a busy place!


The Little Bit Different Jewelry Store.

Robert Tucker's the Jewelry Architects Tuckers Fine Jewely and Gift Gallery Jeweler Columbia MO Missouri Wedding RingsCustom-made jewelry is available at Robert Tucker’s. The open shop walls invite you to watch artisan designers craft custom pieces of jewelry from $200 to $200,000.

As you walk around the store, you’ll be amazed at the pre-made and custom jewelry in the display cases for you to look at or buy.

You’ll be even more amazed with the down-to-earth people who work in the shop.

Why Robert Tucker’s?

Because you’ll engage in a session with one of our master jewelry designers who will listen to your ideas, your reasons, your story.

Then, we’ll go to work, and you’ll wait . . . and wonder . . . and anticipate with excitement.

Because that moment when your partner first sees–not a piece of jewelry–but their own custom-made sparkling story of forever . . . that moment is unforgettable.

Need Jewelry Repaired?

No matter where you bought it, we’ll repair it–usually within 24-48 hours (depending on backlog).

Whether it is your prized piece of fine jewelry or a costume ring, we’re happy to have you in the store and help you fix it, restore it, or mold it into something altogether new.