Yes, it’s a cliche, but it really is about taking care of our customers.

Most so-called savvy business people will look at Robert Tucker’s the Jewelry Architects and not understand why we do some of the things we do. That’s fine.

When somebody asks us to make a custom piece of jewelry, fix something that has been in the family for years, or repair a costume piece of jewelry, we’ll do it – and are always happy to do it.

There is an understanding that jewelry is not just about something you wear. It’s a piece of you. It’s something that makes you feel special. It’s something that has a deeper meaning than what we can truly appreciate. So yes, we’ll fix it, make it, modify it, or recreate it.

The habit of doing just about anything, and being flexible while we do it, makes little sense to other business people, but to be honest, we’re glad they don’t get it.  That means we get to meet you and listen to your story and that’s what makes Robert Tucker’s work.

The designers (our little band of weirdos)

These designers are the heart of the shop. The people who make the shop run are all a bunch of misfits and rebels, and we all belong in a zoo. The best way to meet us is in person, but we’re going to give it a try here:

Daniel Archibeque-A 40-year veteran of the jewelry industry, Dan began working with Rob in 2002.  Dan’s creative juices flow when clients come in with ideas that he can expand upon, turning their jewelry vision into reality.  Modest in his accolades, Dan is a master jeweler who takes pride in his excellent repair and restoration work!

Robert Tucker-Rob began life in the business as a boy in his step-father’s dental lab where they made jewelry on the weekends for friends.  It was a natural progression into repairing, restoring and creating custom jewelry at Tuckers in the early 1990s, and he has continued for the last 30 years.  No matter the type of jewelry, Rob is always willing to mend it whether it’s costume or fine.  It is all sentimental to him.

Lucca-half Border Collie, quarter German Shepherd, and quarter Boxer, Lucca joined the shop as a greeter almost two years ago.  When Lucca joined our family of misfits, he had been homeless and starving, weighing only 24 pounds.  He’s now a healthy 43 pounds and a frisbee lover.  While at home, he’s in playful puppy mode, he’s “on-the-job” at the store, giving each person who walks through the door a friendly greeting!

What Tucker’s the Jewelry Architects can do for you:

We invite you to call for an appointment and visit with us, but in the meantime:

  • Did you know we will repair any and every piece of jewelry no matter where it came from or what it’s made from?
  • We can make you anything you want
  • It’s not budget jewelry, but it is less expensive, made jewelry.