Your creativity, ideas, and thoughts are what makes jewelry yours and only yours.  There is something to be said when you can proudly say, “Yes, I designed that!”

Yes, custom jewelry can cost more than mass-produced, commodity jewelry, but the feelings and experiences that go with designing your own piece are incomparable.

After decades of being in the business of making memories, all of the designers at Robert Tucker’s have seen what it means to give or receive a custom-designed piece of jewelry – it’s unforgettable!

Ready to start? Make an appointment.

We’re a bustling shop, so we recommend making an appointment so you have our undivided attention.

Don’t have an idea for a design . . . that’s okay.  Keep an eye out for pieces, shapes, and designs that catch your attention!  Search the web for inspiration.  When you arrive for your appointment, we’ll discuss your ideas and inspirations to design a piece that’s just for you!  You’ll be delighted about how it all comes together!

Already have a stone or gem, platinum or gold?

Whether you bought your stone somewhere else, dug it out of the ground, or inherited your it, your gem deserves to be shown off to the world.  We are happy to create a unique design that showcases it!

When you have been creating jewelry for as long as we have, you know people collect jewelry from a variety of places; some jewelry is inherited,  some are special gifts from traveling, and some are purchased while living in other communities.  At Tucker’s, you’re never going to be told, “We can’t work on this! You didn’t buy it from us.” Instead, you’ll hear, “Sure, we can do that!” There is little reason to turn you away simply because you didn’t buy the stone from Tucker’s. We love the work, and we’re happy to work with you!

Oftentimes, people bring in pieces of jewelry they’ve inherited or had for a long-time, but no longer wear.  We can fix that by helping you design a piece that fits your current taste!  We can save you money by using the metal and stones from the pieces of jewelry you don’t wear and putting them toward your newly designed jewelry.  This prevents waste, preserves the family history, and saves you (and us!) money.

The cost.

We’re a shop that prides itself on the relationships we build with our customers.  Some of our customers remember bringing in their precious few dollars for their partner’s first watch, that special wedding ring, or their their child’s first pendant, and they remind us of how flexible and respectful we were when they came in, even if their purchases were modest.  Their stories warm our hearts and keep us humble.

We know that every piece of jewelry, no matter how small or extravagant, has it’s special story.  We’ve crafted wedding rings and tiaras, pendants and pins, earrings and bracelets, spanning all price ranges.

We focus on creating affordable, long-lasting designs.  Sometimes, the cost can make you cringe, but we invite you to shop our prices.  Our customers are our neighbors, our friends, people we have to look in the eye as we go about our every-day lives.  We’ll be honest with you and fair with our prices.

Because we keep our costs to a minimum with an eye for saving our clients money, we do not barter.  We offer more than competitive prices, as well as appreciation package-prices for services such as jewelry appraisals.

Three ways to look at the cost of custom made jewelry:

  1. Your time: Figuring out what design elements you want takes time. The best way to do that is by observing various things in life. Once you have an idea – little or highly detailed ideas – meet with me to translate your thoughts into a wearable work of art.
  2. Emotions: Is the jewelry for you or someone else? Either way, when you wear it or give it to someone else, a rare feeling overcomes you letting you know how special you are – it’s a remarkable experience.
  3. Financial: Making jewelry costs money, but you already knew that. With Tucker’s Honest Value Pricing, you always get the most for your hard-earned dollar. If we think you can find something similar to what you want to keep the cost down, we’ll tell you. And, if the metal market goes down, your price goes down. It all comes down to what we stand for.

Four primary factors are taken into account when figuring price:

  1. Metals  Each metal has its own price based on the market value.
  2. Quantity of material: Based on the size and design of your jewelry, we’ll have to use a specific amount of metal to repair or create your piece. Naturally, the more material used, the more expensive it will be.
  3. Gemstones: What stones do you want to use?  Are they lab created or natural?  Precious or semi-precious?  What is the cut, the color, and the clarity of the gems?  How many carats do you want?  All of these factors impact the price of the stone.
  4. Complexity of the piece: Is the piece of jewelry a simple design with easy lines? Or does it have multiple lines, intricacies, and other features that take longer to create?

After we meet, you’ll walk away with an Honest Value Price that’s good for 30-days. If the design is a bit out of your budget, we’ll show you modifications and discuss options that are a better fit for your budget.

Schedule an appointment to talk with a designer to better understand the custom jewelry making process and how much your custom made piece of art will cost.


We like half-down when the project begins. The remaining amount is due upon completion of your custom piece.

Accepted payment includes debit, credit or cash.  Loaning money is one thing we’re not good at. We’ve left financing to the banks. However, we do offer layaway.

It takes anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to craft custom jewelry:

The 5-step process to craft custom jewelry is about 2 to 4 weeks. However, more complex designs may take up to 6 weeks.  When you talk with one of our designers, they’ll provide you with a completion date that is based on your design.

Because we’re helping to create a little piece of art, rush services are typically not available, but you can be confident when a completion date is given, your jewelry will be ready.

When your jewelry is finished, we’ll give you a call, or send you a text or an email–whichever is your preferred method of contact.

Ready to start?

Time is one of the most valuable assets we have as people. While you’re not obligated to set up an appointment, we strongly recommend it. When people come to our store, we often hear, “Wow, you’re really busy!”  Our attention to detail and our personalized service has created a long-standing reputation in the community.  People trust us and recommend us to their friends–and we love that!  But it does keep us busy, so appointments help guarantee you won’t be waiting around.

When you do make an appointment, plan for about 50-minutes to discuss your design and special requests.  To speed up the process, consider bringing pictures of items that help demonstrate the elements you desire in your design and any notes you may have.

Contact us with any questions. We’re always happy to help.