We are simple, creative people and don’t like messing around with your money (or ours).

If we think you can find something similar to what you want, we’ll tell you.

When you work with any of our Artisens, whether it be for custom made jewelry or repair work, you always get the most for your hard-earned dollar.

Honest Value Pricing comes down to what we stand for.

Have a project you wish to start?

Time is one of the most valuable asset we have as people. While you’re not obligated to set up an appointment, you’re welcome to if it helps schedule the day. When you do, plan for about 50-minutes of your time to discuss your design, discuss any special requests, and to review the process. To speed up the process, consider bringing pictures of items that help demonstrate the elements you want included in the design or any notes you may have.

Contact us with any question. We’re happy to help.