We are simple, creative people, and we don’t like messing around with your money (or ours).  Our jewelers are masters at their craft and have years of experience.  Jewelry design and creation cannot be done by just anyone; it requires specialized education, creativity, and experience.  Our jewelers attend conferences around the country to keep up with innovative technology and new design techniques.  In addition, we use specialized equipment, such as lasers, when we work.  This is not an inexpensive industry, but we love it!

When you work with our master artisan jewelers, whether it’s for custom jewelry or repair work, you always get the most for your hard-earned dollar. Honest Value Pricing comes down to what we stand for.  We base the price of your creation or repair on current metal market values and the time and complexity of the design or repair.  We’re also happy to accept your contribution of metal and gems to offset your cost, as well.

Because we keep our costs to a minimum with an eye for saving our clients money, we do not barter.  We offer more than competitive prices, as well as appreciation package-prices for services such as jewelry appraisals.

Have a project you wish to start?

Time is one of the most valuable assets we have as people. While you’re not obligated to set up an appointment, we strongly recommend it. When people come to our store, we often hear, “Wow, you’re really busy!”  Our attention to detail and our personalized service has created a long-standing reputation in the community.  People trust us and recommend us to their friends–and we love that!  But it does keep us busy, so appointments help guarantee you won’t be waiting around.

When you do make an appointment, plan for about 50-minutes to discuss your design and special requests.  To speed up the process, consider bringing pictures of items that help demonstrate the elements you desire in your design and any notes you may have.

Contact us with any questions. We’re always happy to help.