In-stock, Artisan crafted jewelry

Custom Made and Premade Jewelry Store of the Highest Quality in Columbia MO offering Repairing and Sizing Lee Morgan JewelerWhen not crafting a personalized piece of jewelry, the Artisans have full reign to create whatever comes to mind. While spectacular, they’re available for you to purchase.

Amazingly crafted jewelry at Tucker’s is as just as high-quality as anything else personally crafted.

When there is a bit of time on hand, the designers have a little fun and build various pieces of jewelry to place in the showcases for you to look at and buy. It’s the perfect alternative to high-quality custom jewelry but with a little less money and time (it’s also great for when you need something right now).

What you’ll find are works of art created by the imagination of the designers. What you look at is something you won’t find anywhere else. With care, the right process, and the right metal, these miniature pieces of art are one-of-a-kind.

When you see it, you’ll want to buy it – seriously!

When you see something you like, consider purchasing it then. Otherwise, it may go from being a ring to being a pair of earrings or into the hands of another admirer. The designers get bored for time to time and will simply grab something out of the showcase to create something new, so don’t hold back.

What Robert Tucker’s can do for you:

Tucker’s can create or repair just about anything you want, from traditional, estate, retro, and modern jewelry. You’ll be surprised when you visit Tucker’s. In the meantime:

  • Did you know we will repair any piece of jewelry no matter where it came from or what it’s made of?
  • We can make you anything you want
  • We only hire creative restless minds…